Amanda strives to create a safe place where clients can restore their connection to themselves and others. She utilizes a goal-oriented approach and active interventions that teach new skills, facilitate self discovery, and offer people an opportunity to be in relationship differently. At the same time, Amanda recognizes that some things cannot be changed. As Megan Devine says, "Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried." Amanda works to create a resting place for those who are carrying the heavy weight of loss, pain or trauma. Additionally, Amanda is interested in exploring the root of issues (which may reside in the past) while also providing practical tools for the present, including helping clients connect to the resources within their own bodies. Her approach enables clients to discover new possibilities for themselves and their relationships.

Amanda’s clinical specialties include working with individuals around trauma/PTSD (past abuse/neglect, dangerous childhoods, sexual assault, traumatic accidents), grief and loss, and spiritual instability. She also has experience helping couples who are experiencing (or have experienced) infertility, and those who are healing from emotional and/or sexual affairs.

Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with additional concentrations in Sociology, Cultural Competence, and Conflict Transformation from North Park University. She later earned her Master of Arts in Couple and Family Therapy from Adler University.

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