Anviksha is an experienced and passionate Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Her caring and commitment to her clients comes through in every session. Anviksha is recognized in her treatment approach to anxiety, phobias, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Her holistic and integrative style of therapy also successfully treats depression and life transitions and provides a foundation to work with cultural identity and multicultural relationships. Her approach to therapy is multidimensional, utilizing traditional Western approaches such as cognitive behavioral, neuropsychology and others, mixed with Eastern psychology such as mindfulness, yoga, and somatic processing. Anviksha’s therapy style is active, guided and experiential with compassion and non-judgement.

Anviksha earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California. Her academic experience includes years of research on race, prejudice, culture and the acculturation process. She has also worked and studied with several leaders in transpersonal psychology and is informed by various types of spiritual practices.  Anviksha brings new age to the modern world that is informed and grounded. She has presented at state conferences, to the public, and is a guest lecturer for marriage and family therapy graduate programs in Chicago.

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Katelyn approaches therapy with her down-to-earth attitude and warmth, along with a strong research and clinical background in dating violence and trauma. She works with individuals, couples and families suffering from anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Her clinical specialties include individuals, families and couples impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault trauma. She understands that the impact trauma has on couples and families can be pervasive, resulting in issues with intimacy, trust, anxiety and depression. She strives to rebuild trust and empower her clients to overcome fear and work toward meaningful change.

Katelyn uses a mindfulness-based, holistic perspective to help her clients cope, feel safe in their relationships and change patterns. Katelyn has extensive experience helping families and couples work through conflict and misunderstandings by setting goals and working to manage their emotions. Katelyn earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. She then graduated from the Adler School of Professional Psychology with a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. Katelyn’s passion for social issues give her a unique scope to always see how larger systems are impacting individuals, couples, and families.

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Amanda strives to create a safe place where clients can restore their connection to themselves and others. She utilizes a goal-oriented approach and active interventions that teach new skills, facilitate self discovery, and offer people an opportunity to be in relationship differently. At the same time, Amanda recognizes that some things cannot be changed. As Megan Devine says, "Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried." Amanda works to create a resting place for those who are carrying the heavy weight of loss, pain or trauma. Additionally, Amanda is interested in exploring the root of issues (which may reside in the past) while also providing practical tools for the present, including helping clients connect to the resources within their own bodies. Her approach enables clients to discover new possibilities for themselves and their relationships.

Amanda’s clinical specialties include working with individuals around trauma/PTSD (past abuse/neglect, dangerous childhoods, sexual assault, traumatic accidents), grief and loss, and spiritual instability. She also has experience helping couples who are experiencing (or have experienced) infertility, and those who are healing from emotional and/or sexual affairs.

Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with additional concentrations in Sociology, Cultural Competence, and Conflict Transformation from North Park University. She later earned her Master of Arts in Couple and Family Therapy from Adler University.

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Natalie’s approach to therapy is holistic, introspective and non-blaming. She brings her warmth, nurturing and gentle humor to every session. Natalie strives to help people bring their attention inwards to become more in-touch with their emotions and experiences. She creates and holds a safe space for people to heal their emotional wounds. Natalie has a genuine passion for helping others find strength and empowerment and believes that every person deserves the opportunity to see themselves as the strong and capable individual that they really are.

Natalie specializes in working with couples, parents, families, and individuals impacted by trauma. Her work is trauma-informed and she draws heavily from emotionally focused approaches and Internal Family Systems (IFS). IFS is an evidence-based approach that provides a way for individuals to access their inner resources to heal the traumatized and wounded “parts” of themselves. Natalie provides clients with practical skills and tools to utilize in the present while also exploring the origin of the problem and re-processing past trauma. Natalie helps parents and co-parents when they are facing challenges in parenting and discipline. She assists parents with conscious parenting: finding ways to provide children with equal amounts of unconditional sensitivity and compassion, and structure and consistency. She also helps couples communicate in new ways, find intimacy, and create trusting and long-lasting bonds. 

Natalie received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Summa Cum Laude honors from Eastern Illinois University, and earned her Master’s of Science in Child Development and Family Studies with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from Purdue University. In addition to her clinical work, Natalie has taught Human Development and Human Sexuality Undergraduate courses and was also a Limited Term Faculty for Purdue University Northwest’s Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s program. 

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Katherine approaches therapy with compassion and warmth. Her therapeutic practice is directed towards helping individuals, couples, and families cope with trauma, anxiety, and depression. Katherine specializes in working with children and families. She believes that it is important to guide children, as well as adults, as early as possible, to understand and develop self-love. Self-love promotes development, balance and all around wellness. Simultaneously, Katherine challenges her clients to become proactive in their life and commit to healing and growth.
For Katherine, becoming a therapist started much earlier than her training. The qualities and passion that embody her professionally and personally are one in the same. Her desire to relieve pain and suffering from others is what drives her the most. Since she can remember, she was always the person that others would come to when the weight of the world seemed a little too heavy to carry on their shoulders alone. Katherine’s intuition has always been her strongest informant. She attunes to the energy and emotions of others and then is able to uniquely connect, empathize and find the best approach to work with clients.
Katherine has solid research and clinical experience in parent-child relationships and attachment. Katherine earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She then graduated from Adler University with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

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Allison uses an eclectic, client-centered approach that values both honoring life’s difficulties and celebrating life’s successes. She invites her clients to explore the full range of feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and environments that shape their experience. In doing so, she helps her clients feel empowered to make decisions about how to live in alignment with their most authentic selves.

Allison’s areas of focus include anxiety, self-esteem and body image issues, and spiritual confusion. Her work strives to be culturally inclusive, to acknowledge both the influences within our families and the broader culture that contribute to how we navigate the world.  

The framework of her approach is trauma informed and somatically/body oriented. She draws on her extensive training in Gestalt psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Gottman Method Couples Therapy. In addition to talking, sessions with Allison might include meditation, writing exercises, role-plays, and exploring dreams.

Allison earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability and Social Justice from San Francisco State University and received her Master of Arts in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

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Patrick has been a leader in the alternative dispute resolution field in Chicago for several years. Patrick has a legal background where he has focused his interests in helping divorcing families and families in transition find comprehensive solutions.

Patrick’s approach as a divorce coach and process consultant is informed by 20 years of meditation and yoga practices, training as a mediator and collaborative attorney, 700 hour massage therapy training, Reiki Level 2 training, and his intuitive approach to helping people find solutions to some of their most daunting problems.

Patrick is the founder of Kalscheur Conscious Family Law. He is active in the Chicago legal community where he serves on the board of directors of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, the Illinois State Bar Association and Chicago Bar Association (domestic relations committee chair 2013-2014), young professionals board of the Chicago Bar Foundation, and advisory board of the DePaul College of Law Family Law Center.

Patrick received his Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University College of Law. He has been recognized as an exceptional family law attorney (Super Lawyers Rising Star (2016, 2017), Leading Lawyer (2016, 2017), and Emerging Lawyer (2016, 2017).

Patrick enjoys collaborating and working with his wife, Anviksha, the founder of Introspective Family Therapy. As the father of two boys, Patrick enjoys collaborating with Anviksha to help families in a holistic and conscious manner at all stages of a family’s development.

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