So much more than traditional therapy.

Be Inspired and guided by our skilled therapists


Are you open to new experiences and new ways of thinking?

It is hard work to change unhealthy patterns.  We must be open to accepting help and taking responsibility for our lives before we can do so.  Introspective Family Therapy can guide you and help you identify unique strategies to achieve long-term, lasting change.

Our therapists are always at the cutting-edge of marriage and family therapy. We use traditional Western and Eastern approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychodynamics and blend these with alternative methods such as yoga, mindfulness and nutrition.  Our goal is always to provide symptom relief as well as a path to lasting change.

What makes us special is that we tailor various approaches to your needs and we always see you as a whole person. Our therapists can see all the members of your family individually and then collaborate on ways to help your whole family system. We are confident and successful in our work because all of us at Introspective work hard to continue learning and practice wellness in our own lives.


We specialize in:

Cross-Cultural Counseling,


Family Dynamics,

Life Transitions,




and Phobias.


Comprehensive care for the whole family.

Balance your mind, body, and spirit


Family Therapy

We will help build awareness into negative patterns and offer tools for you to change those patterns, navigate complex family dynamics or any specific issues that your family is facing.

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Couples Counseling

We can help you and your partner work through specific issues or cope with life transitions.  We have been providing couples with premarital counseling, communication skills, parenting help and more. In-Person and Online Appointments Available. 

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Individual Therapy

We will help build awareness into patterns and obstacles that are preventing you from being who you want to be and offer tools for you to change those patterns. We can help you with Anxiety/Phobia Treatment, Depression, Trauma and much more. In-Person and Online Appointments Available. 

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Psychological Evaluation

If you are required to receive a Psychological Evaluation for any legal, immigration or medical reasons, Introspective Family Therapy can provide you with a diagnosis plus all necessary reporting and follow up.

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Coaching and Consulting

If you are preparing for a specific life event or transition and need a plan or are seeking a change in your relationship status, speak with an informed professional about your options and how to navigate the legal process ahead. 

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I created Introspective Family Therapy after having a private therapy practice for several years. I saw the need to create a multi-faceted space where individuals and families could feel safe and held while exploring all the components of mental health, which include: a sense of community, nutrition, spirituality, physical health, career fulfillment and other needs unique to each client. My hope is that you and your family feel safe and supported by all of us here at Introspective, and you leave with a feeling of hope and inspiration.